At Hersan we offer solutions in road safety and urban design.

We are leaders in innovation and development of horizontal signage products worldwide, combining quality and the latest advances in technology and scientific innovation, with the purpose of supporting accident reduction, saving lives and making road mobility more agile and orderly.

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About us?

We are a 100% Mexican company, we focus on the manufacture of products for road solutions, urban design and horizontal signage.

Our main characteristic is the innovation and development of new products with a great focus on quality, which throughout our history has allowed us to be leaders at national and international level.

We fulfill 60 years of experience in which we support the trust of our customers being the best option for the solution to their projects.

Day by day the passion in supporting the total commitment of satisfaction with our clients, allows us to have distinctive features that recognize the work we do internally in all our departments.


Innovation, quality and development

Focused on developing products of the highest quality, we have a department of experts in the field that develop and create products that solve problems in people's daily lives.

Our doctors and technical specialists with the latest in the technological vanguard, verify that the established production processes comply with the values and parameters required to manufacture extremely precise and resistant safety parts, which is why by valuing this effort, we adhere to the IMPI, with the intention of protecting and regulating the intellectual property of our processes and products, we have the patents and certificates that support it. We work every day to support the trust of our clients, guaranteeing their full satisfaction and fulfillment of their projects.

In the same way, we approach institutions and research centers, both national and international, with the intention of supporting and guaranteeing the quality of our work, learning and applying the recommendations they make to provide the best products to our clients.

Presence / Strategic Location

Located in a privileged way in the center of the Mexican Republic, throughout our trajectory we have managed to be present throughout the National Territory and in the same way, thanks to the recognition of our clients, at the International level in more than 13 countries.

We put the name of Mexico very high, reinforcing the prestige that what has been done in Mexico is well done.

To achieve this, we actively participate and work together with the Coordinator of Foreign Trade Promotion of the State of Guanajuato, COFOCE, which is an agency specialized in foreign trade that promotes the international competitiveness of the MSMEs of Guanajuato.

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Badges and awards

Learn the success story of this important achievement.

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In addition to being one of the 25 measures contained in the National Agreement in Defense of the Economy and Employment to Live Better, it is a distinctive established by the Federal Government, through the Ministry of Economy. Its purpose is to identify the products made in our country against products from abroad in order to strengthen the domestic market, favor the competitiveness of national products and promote their consumption.

We support our community in generating jobs and creating products of the highest quality, driving the region to attract more business.