Reflective Marker DH1

Hersan reflective markers can be applied with automatic or manual equipment. It can be applied with epoxy glue or bitumen, on asphalt pavement or on hydraulic concrete.

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Streamlined Design: Its design allows the tire of the vehicle to pass smoothly over, minimizing the effort by the impact.

High precision and performance lenses: Its lenses are manufactured using a computerized molding that allows to obtain perfectly aligned cells that provide High Retro-reflectivity for night vision, rain and fog. Non metallic and abrasion resistant, made of polycarbonate.

High adhesion base: The base of the Hersan reflective button has 2 “Jacket” shaped cavities that allow better adhesion to the glue and surface, as well as a significant saving of adhesive material.

Fingerprint cavity: It has two side holes that allow better handling when placed manually.

Physical resistance: Its high performance engineering grade ABS-based materials provide high resistance to impact, compression, torsion and abrasion.